What’s Changed at the Purple Goose

The Purple Goose operated under the previous owner from April 2016 to June 2, 2018.  When we took over ownership, we wanted to get it back up and running as quickly as possible, but there were a lot of changes we put in places.  In fact, it’s been downright frantic for the last few weeks and I appreciate the help and support from the community to get it up and going this quickly.

Here are some of the things we changed for the New and Improved Purple Goose:

  • We decided to expand our hours to add breakfast and an express lunch
  • We turned the bar – this way you can sit at the bar and see the TV; you can see the Purple Goose taps when you walk in the door; and it made our servers’ jobs easier not having to walk so far to get around to pour a beer.  We also removed the huge cooler to give us more room for seating.
  • We purchased an espresso machine, added coffee makers and a loose leaf tea system so we can accommodate any breakfast beverage needs you might have.  (We have a juice machine coming too).
  • We painted the back of the building to cover up a tar stain coming down from the roof.
  • We got a new heating system – originally there was floor heat and an air conditioner put into the building but it didn’t work as well as expected so we’ve put in a central air/heat system so the restaurant can be at a consistent temperature year round.
  • We upgraded a lot of equipment in the kitchen – purchased a new dishwasher, upgraded our prep table to help get food out faster, purchased a flat top grill for hamburgers, eggs and pancakes, bought a smaller charbroiler and added fryers.  All of these were done in the name of food quality and speeding up delivery of food.
  • We shored up the basement to level out the floor and prevent further shifting of the flooring and added a new, natural gas water heater
  • We put in place a new Point of Sale system that’s easy to use for our team and will better help us run our business.  We also implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central as our back end accounting system (Stoneridge Software may have influenced that selection process slightly).

Our aim with all these changes is to create a great dining experience with great food and great service.  We are seriously committed to continuous improvement, so if there’s anything we can do to serve the community better, we’d love that feedback.






  1. This is really exciting! I am excited that you will now have breakfast options. Do you expect the menu to change much or is it pretty much the same as before? The pizzas were good, but sometimes the nachos tasted a little like what I could just make at home myself.

    Way to go! Excited to come in. 🙂

    1. The menu changed a little – we took off some items that didn’t sell very well and added new items. The new items have been very popular – Chicken Alfredo, Beef Brisket and a Grilled Salmon salad.

      We took the nachos off the menu. We’re excited to have you try the new items.

  2. Do you have Coke products? After I was there the first time and found Pepsi, I haven’t been back.

    1. Yes, we do carry Coke products.

  3. Was interested to hear if you have a gluten free menu too. Anxious to see the new changes.

    1. We don’t have a specific gluten free menu but we do have many gluten free options as well as alternatives like no bun on your burger. We’re happy to accommodate you with what works for your diet.

  4. I’m excited to stop by for coffee! Congratulations on this the venture~

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