We Love Sports

The Purple Goose is a great place to get together to hang out with your friends and watch a game.  We also love to support our local Barnesville teams.  With the fall seasons starting, we are running some specials so you can celebrate sports with us.

Football Games

NDSU Football on at the Goose

The NDSU Bison games are on ESPN+ this year, so we have a subscription to it and you can watch the games on any of the TVs in the Goose.

Vikings games live at the Goose

We also signed up for NFL Game Pass so you can watch the Vikings or any other NFL teams (except the Packers, that’s against policy) at the Goose on Sundays or Monday nights.

Trojan Activities

Visit the Goose after all the Trojan games

We support all Barnesville Trojan activities at the Goose – we encourage teams and fans to come celebrate the ups and downs of the season after the game.  We’re open late after all volleyball games until 10pm and football games until 11pm.  We’ll also be open late when basketball season starts and after musical events.  We would love to have local and away teams join us after the games.  Check out our ads on the Trojan activities schedule for more information.