Upgraded Heating System

We know it’s been too cold in the Goose over the past couple winters, so we have made some great improvements to the heat inside recently. We upgraded the heating system this summer, and it made it better in here but it still wasn’t as hot as we wanted. Finally, we figured out the secret a couple weeks ago – when we have the hood running over the grill it sucks out all the air in the restaurant, so it’s been taking all the hot air out. We have an air exchanger, which brings new air back into the restaurant, but that didn’t have a heating system associated with it, so we were bringing in outside air into the restaurant which wasn’t necessarily warm. We were able to get the heat working on the air exchanger about two weeks ago, and since then, it’s been nice inside the restaurant.

We have been holding at 70-72 ever since we figured out the heat on the air exchanger, so we’re happy to have it nice and warm in here. Come on in this winter and warm up with the heat and a latte or hot chocolate!

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