Taxes on our Receipts

We’ve gotten a few questions about the fact that we show three different lines for taxes on our receipt instead of one line for tax.  The reason for this is there are three different sales taxes that are in effect in Barnesville currently and our software doesn’t allow us to combine them on the receipt.

Here are the relevant taxes and tax amounts applied to items at the Purple Goose:

  • MN Sales Tax – the current rate is 6.875%
  • Clay County Tax – the current rate is 0.5%
  • MN Liquor Tax – the current rate is 2.5% and is only applied to liquor

The aggregate tax on most items is 7.375% and liquor is taxed at 9.875%.

The Clay County Tax is new – it went into effect on Oct 1, 2017.  This article explains that the sales tax went into effect to pay for a new jail and law enforcement center in the county and could last up to 20 years.

We apologize if there’s any confusion related to the additional lines on the receipt – we just want you to know what you’re paying for.


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