Taco Tuesday and Italian Thursday

We’re excited to announce that we’re running buffets on Tuesdays and Thursdays as of this fall.  We started with Taco Tuesdays and recently added an Italian buffet on Thursdays.

Taco Tuesday

Our taco buffet includes hard or soft shell tacos with beef or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and taco sauce.  We also offer refried beans and Spanish rice so you can fill up on your Mexican favorites.  It’s all you can eat and includes a beverage all for $10.  We run the buffet over lunch and dinner.

Italian Thursday

It doesn’t quite have the alliteration that Taco Tuesday does but we’re hosting an Italian buffet every Thursday over lunch and dinner.  The Italian buffet is chalked full of food, featuring Caesar salad, cheese ravioli, lasagna and breadsticks.  It’s hard not to be full after this meal – all of this comes with a drink for $12.

Thanks for coming to check out our buffets – we’re always open to other ideas too, so let us know if you would like to see something else on our current buffets or if you have an idea for something new.

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