Parking at the Goose

Our property is landlocked at the Purple Goose, so, unfortunately, that doesn’t leave us with a lot of parking right next to the building.  We only own the 25′ where the building is.  Dean’s auto repair is just south of us and he has a parking lot, but it’s usually full.  JM Mechanical is to our north and he’s been willing to let patrons park there but only in certain spots.

Yellow is always available; Green is only after 6pm and Red is never available

As noted in the graphic, you can park in the Yellow highlighted spaces at any time – those are the areas on the street and the area just north of the building.  You can park in the Green highlighted spaces only after 6pm.  That space is reserved for patrons of Body & Sole Therapeutic and JM Mechanical.

We’ve seen a number of people park in the Red area and we’ll have to ask people to move if they park there.  It’s in the way of allowing people to park at Body & Sole or JM Mechanical and there is a shop in the back of JM Mechanical which has a sign that says “Please do not park here” that we’d ask you to respect.

Please don’t park where these two cars are (next to the lamp post on JM’s property):

Thanks for the understanding of our lack of space.  Perhaps if we can sell a million pizzas we can make a nice lot across the street.



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