Let’s do coffee!

One of the main reasons we bought the Purple Goose was to bring nicer coffee to Barnesville.  We haven’t had a coffee place in town and we know there are a lot of people who want it, so we decided to take the plunge and buy an Italian Espresso machine.

When we first got it connected on Tuesday, we realized quickly it didn’t work (the huge puddle underneath was our first clue).  We had to get a part shipped overnight which we got late Thursday night.  The folks at 20 Below Coffee in Fargo were gracious enough to come down Friday morning to fix the machine and show us how to be baristas.

We’ve been experimenting all day and so far the results are very positive – so with that, we’re ready to serve your latte, mocha and americano needs starting tomorrow, Sat, Jun 30.  Stop on by and give it a shot – the long wait for coffee in Barnesville is finally over!

[Yes, this was an actual cup of coffee made at the Purple Goose – the design was done by the professional, not by any of the Goose staff yet.  We’ll get there in time.]

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