Hours and Breakfast Changes

Thanks for all the support we’ve gotten for the re-opening of the Purple Goose.  It’s been a fun first few weeks – the highlight has been all the great feedback on the food.

We meet every week to review how we’re doing and we decided to make a few changes based on the results of the first few weeks.  First, we decided to push our opening time back from 6am to 7am.  We just aren’t getting people to come in during the first hour of the day.  We also decided to offer just continental breakfast on weekdays from 7am to 10am.  So we’re open during that time and we offer fruit, yogurt, muffins and mini-donuts but we don’t serve eggs and pancakes.  We decided to continue offering full breakfast on Saturday and Sunday as we’ve gotten good traffic on the weekend.  We’ll continue to offer lattes, americanos, espresso, mochas and cappuccinos every day.

We decided to stay open one hour longer during the week, so now from Sunday through Wednesday night we’ll be open until 9pm instead of 8pm.  We’ll still stay open until 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  We also plan to be open later after local sporting events so people can get a pizza or a beer after the big games.

The new hours are updated on Facebook, Google, Bing and our website.

We’ll continue to make changes throughout the operation of the business – if you have any additional feedback, drop us a note in the comments.




  1. Would you consider adding protein smoothies in your coffee bar?

    1. Yes – we talked about it this morning. We’re going to give our coffee a few weeks to take off more but we definitely want to offer protein shakes and smoothies. Thanks for the recommendation.

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