Fall Menu Update

We made some updates to our menu with a few changes for the fall.  The new menus are in place at the Goose effective today, Oct 16.  Here are the updates we made this time around:

  • Walleye Fish and Chips – we added a Minnesota take on a British favorite
  • Reuben – we made this a full-time member of the menu
  • Chicken Caesar Salad – a new salad option on the lighter side
  • Grilled Chicken Breast – this is a lighter-side menu item with a salad on the side
  • Breakfast Sandwiches – we added this part-time special to our full menu

We also decided to lower the cost of our appetizers based on feedback – our appetizers are now $7.

Check out the latest lunch/dinner menu and breakfast menu.

Taco Tuesday and Italian Thursday

We’re excited to announce that we’re running buffets on Tuesdays and Thursdays as of this fall.  We started with Taco Tuesdays and recently added an Italian buffet on Thursdays.

Taco Tuesday

Our taco buffet includes hard or soft shell tacos with beef or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and taco sauce.  We also offer refried beans and Spanish rice so you can fill up on your Mexican favorites.  It’s all you can eat and includes a beverage all for $10.  We run the buffet over lunch and dinner.

Italian Thursday

It doesn’t quite have the alliteration that Taco Tuesday does but we’re hosting an Italian buffet every Thursday over lunch and dinner.  The Italian buffet is chalked full of food, featuring Caesar salad, cheese ravioli, lasagna and breadsticks.  It’s hard not to be full after this meal – all of this comes with a drink for $12.

Thanks for coming to check out our buffets – we’re always open to other ideas too, so let us know if you would like to see something else on our current buffets or if you have an idea for something new.

Fall 2018 Hours

It’s hard to believe summer is winding down and it’s time to get back to school.  With school starting on Monday, we’ll adjust our hours for the fall season and likely keep these hours throughout the winter.

Date Open Close Breakfast Open Until
Sunday 7:00am 8:30pm 12:00pm
Monday 6:30am 8:30pm Continental Only
Tuesday 6:30am 8:30pm Continental Only
Wednesday 6:30am 8:30pm Continental Only
Thursday 6:30am 9:00pm Continental Only
Friday 6:30am 10:00pm Continental Only
Saturday 7:00am 10:00pm 11:00am

We will be open later on the following nights:

  • After home volleyball games (until 10)
  • After home football games (until 11)
  • Trivia nights on Wednesday (until 9)

Thanks for the support all summer and we look forward to seeing you more this fall.






Taxes on our Receipts

We’ve gotten a few questions about the fact that we show three different lines for taxes on our receipt instead of one line for tax.  The reason for this is there are three different sales taxes that are in effect in Barnesville currently and our software doesn’t allow us to combine them on the receipt.

Here are the relevant taxes and tax amounts applied to items at the Purple Goose:

  • MN Sales Tax – the current rate is 6.875%
  • Clay County Tax – the current rate is 0.5%
  • MN Liquor Tax – the current rate is 2.5% and is only applied to liquor

The aggregate tax on most items is 7.375% and liquor is taxed at 9.875%.

The Clay County Tax is new – it went into effect on Oct 1, 2017.  This article explains that the sales tax went into effect to pay for a new jail and law enforcement center in the county and could last up to 20 years.

We apologize if there’s any confusion related to the additional lines on the receipt – we just want you to know what you’re paying for.


Hours and Breakfast Changes

Thanks for all the support we’ve gotten for the re-opening of the Purple Goose.  It’s been a fun first few weeks – the highlight has been all the great feedback on the food.

We meet every week to review how we’re doing and we decided to make a few changes based on the results of the first few weeks.  First, we decided to push our opening time back from 6am to 7am.  We just aren’t getting people to come in during the first hour of the day.  We also decided to offer just continental breakfast on weekdays from 7am to 10am.  So we’re open during that time and we offer fruit, yogurt, muffins and mini-donuts but we don’t serve eggs and pancakes.  We decided to continue offering full breakfast on Saturday and Sunday as we’ve gotten good traffic on the weekend.  We’ll continue to offer lattes, americanos, espresso, mochas and cappuccinos every day.

We decided to stay open one hour longer during the week, so now from Sunday through Wednesday night we’ll be open until 9pm instead of 8pm.  We’ll still stay open until 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  We also plan to be open later after local sporting events so people can get a pizza or a beer after the big games.

The new hours are updated on Facebook, Google, Bing and our website.

We’ll continue to make changes throughout the operation of the business – if you have any additional feedback, drop us a note in the comments.



Parking at the Goose

Our property is landlocked at the Purple Goose, so, unfortunately, that doesn’t leave us with a lot of parking right next to the building.  We only own the 25′ where the building is.  Dean’s auto repair is just south of us and he has a parking lot, but it’s usually full.  JM Mechanical is to our north and he’s been willing to let patrons park there but only in certain spots.

Yellow is always available; Green is only after 6pm and Red is never available

As noted in the graphic, you can park in the Yellow highlighted spaces at any time – those are the areas on the street and the area just north of the building.  You can park in the Green highlighted spaces only after 6pm.  That space is reserved for patrons of Body & Sole Therapeutic and JM Mechanical.

We’ve seen a number of people park in the Red area and we’ll have to ask people to move if they park there.  It’s in the way of allowing people to park at Body & Sole or JM Mechanical and there is a shop in the back of JM Mechanical which has a sign that says “Please do not park here” that we’d ask you to respect.

Please don’t park where these two cars are (next to the lamp post on JM’s property):

Thanks for the understanding of our lack of space.  Perhaps if we can sell a million pizzas we can make a nice lot across the street.



Let’s do coffee!

One of the main reasons we bought the Purple Goose was to bring nicer coffee to Barnesville.  We haven’t had a coffee place in town and we know there are a lot of people who want it, so we decided to take the plunge and buy an Italian Espresso machine.

When we first got it connected on Tuesday, we realized quickly it didn’t work (the huge puddle underneath was our first clue).  We had to get a part shipped overnight which we got late Thursday night.  The folks at 20 Below Coffee in Fargo were gracious enough to come down Friday morning to fix the machine and show us how to be baristas.

We’ve been experimenting all day and so far the results are very positive – so with that, we’re ready to serve your latte, mocha and americano needs starting tomorrow, Sat, Jun 30.  Stop on by and give it a shot – the long wait for coffee in Barnesville is finally over!

[Yes, this was an actual cup of coffee made at the Purple Goose – the design was done by the professional, not by any of the Goose staff yet.  We’ll get there in time.]

What’s Changed at the Purple Goose

The Purple Goose operated under the previous owner from April 2016 to June 2, 2018.  When we took over ownership, we wanted to get it back up and running as quickly as possible, but there were a lot of changes we put in places.  In fact, it’s been downright frantic for the last few weeks and I appreciate the help and support from the community to get it up and going this quickly.

Here are some of the things we changed for the New and Improved Purple Goose:

  • We decided to expand our hours to add breakfast and an express lunch
  • We turned the bar – this way you can sit at the bar and see the TV; you can see the Purple Goose taps when you walk in the door; and it made our servers’ jobs easier not having to walk so far to get around to pour a beer.  We also removed the huge cooler to give us more room for seating.
  • We purchased an espresso machine, added coffee makers and a loose leaf tea system so we can accommodate any breakfast beverage needs you might have.  (We have a juice machine coming too).
  • We painted the back of the building to cover up a tar stain coming down from the roof.
  • We got a new heating system – originally there was floor heat and an air conditioner put into the building but it didn’t work as well as expected so we’ve put in a central air/heat system so the restaurant can be at a consistent temperature year round.
  • We upgraded a lot of equipment in the kitchen – purchased a new dishwasher, upgraded our prep table to help get food out faster, purchased a flat top grill for hamburgers, eggs and pancakes, bought a smaller charbroiler and added fryers.  All of these were done in the name of food quality and speeding up delivery of food.
  • We shored up the basement to level out the floor and prevent further shifting of the flooring and added a new, natural gas water heater
  • We put in place a new Point of Sale system that’s easy to use for our team and will better help us run our business.  We also implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central as our back end accounting system (Stoneridge Software may have influenced that selection process slightly).

Our aim with all these changes is to create a great dining experience with great food and great service.  We are seriously committed to continuous improvement, so if there’s anything we can do to serve the community better, we’d love that feedback.





Menus Published

We’re excited to say our menus are finished and available on our website. We have two separate menus – one for breakfast which will be served from 7-10:30 and one for lunch and dinner. For the lunch and dinner menus, we looked at the most popular items from the original menu and kept those, but we also added a number of our personal favorites that we think you’ll like too.

Breakfast is all new and we have options for those who want to sit and eat and quicker options for those who want to grab a coffee and a muffin and get on the road.

We have a beer menu for brews on tap that you’ll find at each table.  We’ll be rotating beers frequently so check with your server to confirm those beers are available now.  We want to prioritize craft beers on that menu and we’ll have a good selection of different types of beers.

Let us know if you have feedback on the menus.  We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.



So Many Taps

We have 12 keg taps at the Goose so we have some work to do to figure out what we’re going to offer.  We plan to focus on local craft beers with a few ciders thrown in.  Here’s our initial set of options!